Security Guard Services Los Angeles Orange County

security_4Vigilant Private Guards is the premier security guard company in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura and Riverside. While many companies compete to provide security guards, Vigilant Private Guards differentiates itself by its consultative approach. We are security consultants with decades of experience in the Los Angeles and Orange County security guard industry, and will provide a free security consultation. We devise a security plan mitigating all risk factors and write customized post orders and trainings manuals for both our armed security guards and unarmed security guards.

Whether armed or unarmed, Vigilant Private Guards security guards have been trained to world- class security standards. Our security guards possess impeccable communication skills, are physically fit and well trained in decision making. Both armed and unarmed security guards are licensed by the State of California and have mostly worked for our security company for years.

Vigilant Private Guards specializes in providing security guards to companies and individuals across Los Angeles county, Orange county, Ventura county and Riverside county. Our armed and unarmed security guard services include construction site security guards, fire watch security guards, security guards for commercial properties, apartment security guards and much more. Vigilant Private Guards is a security company that will solve all of your security needs and enable you to focus all your energy on your business.

Vigilant Private Guards sets the standard for security guard companies in the Los Angeles Metro area.


Snapshot of Vigilant Private Guards Services:

Construction Security Guards:

Vigilant Private Guards provides well trained, professional security guards that are licensed by the State of California. The security guards will constantly patrol, control access to the site and be visible. Their main responsibility is to act as a deterrent to burglars, vandals and professional thieves. Vigilant Private Guards will partner with the general contractor to ensure the site’s safety and the focus on the main business of construction.

Fire Watch Security Guards:

Vigilant Private Guards understands and specializes in fire watch security. Our security guards have conducted numerous fire watches and understand regulations as well as necessary paperwork that needs to be provided to the fire marshal. Fire watches create a significant liability and high risk for clients. Vigilant Private Guards’ security consultants will work with clients to fully understand all fire watch requirements and create a fire watch plan that will protect the property from fire and clients from potential liability.

Armed Security Guards:

Vigilant Private Guards provides armed as well as unarmed security guard services. Our armed security guards are trained to the highest standards of the security industry; they have military or police experience and impeccable customer service skills. Clients hire armed security guards, because of a higher level of danger and potential liability. Vigilant Private Guards are well trained for all possible situations and will make the right decision at the right time. Clients will be provided the peace of mind that a professional security company with high security and trainings standards is assisting their armed security guards in providing world class security.

Shopping Center Security Guards:

Vigilant Private Guards provides highly professional unarmed and armed security officers that will constantly patrol the shopping center. They will be visible and establish a zero tolerance policy for panhandlers and loiterers. Many shopping centers in the Greater Los Angeles area face challenges from vagrants, panhandlers, vandals and thieves. Vigilant Private Guards will partner with the property manager to ensure safety for the property and a great shopping experience for customers.

Security Guards for Commercial Properties:

Vigilant Private Guards provides highly effective security officers to commercial properties like office buildings, hotels, apartment buildings, schools, jewelry stores and retail stores. Vigilant Private Guards understands that commercial properties have different security challenges and needs. At the same time clients are looking for a security company that provides alert, vigilant and professional security officers who can handle any situation. Our security consultants will partner with property and business managers by assessing all security risks and devising a detailed security plan. Vigilant Private Guards will provide world class security to your property by devising a great plan that is executed by security officers and security supervisors with world class security training.

Marked Vehicle Patrol Services:

Many apartment buildings and other commercial properties do not face any immediate risks or dangers, but would like to have the peace of mind that their property is patrolled several times in a 24-hour period. Vigilant Private Guards provides world class patrol officers, who will patrol the property and deal with any potential risk factors like vagrants, broken glass, security and safety hazards and any other potential liabilities. Patrol officers will provide detailed daily activity and incident reports to clients and will deal with any immediate threats by notifying clients, the police or fire department. Vigilant Private Guards will provide peace of mind and security if they are your marked vehicle patrol partner.

Vigilant Private Guards Insurance:

Vigilant Private Guards is a licensed, fully bonded and insured private patrol operator . In fact, we by far exceed the State requirement for general liability, workers compensation and commercial automobile insurance. We also provide a higher insurance coverage than a large majority of our competitors. We understand that our clients want to minimize their liability, which is minimal if their security partner is ensured at high limits. In case a prospective client requires specific insurance or higher insurance limits our insurance specialist will tailor a policy according to our client’s needs. Additionally, we will match any competitive rate for security services.

Vigilant Private Guards Mission Statement:

Vigilant Private Guards’ goal is to provide world class security guard and marked vehicle patrol services to all their clients. World class training at the highest standards of the security industry coupled with experience, the newest cutting edge technology and the best support system for security guards shall ensure that Vigilant Private Guards has the answer for all security challenges and liabilities our clients may face. Vigilant Private Guards wants to be our clients’ partner for all their safety and security needs.