Why choose Vigilant Private Guards?

Vigilant Private Guards provides a free security consultation, the best trained security officers and excellent service at the lowest price.

Is Vigilant Private Guards licensed?

Vigilant Private Guards is licensed by the State of California to provide security services within the State of California.

What type of insurance does Vigilant Private Guards carry?

Vigilant Private Guards carries general liability insurance and workmen’s compensation insurance far in excess of the requirements set by the State of California. We will accommodate any client’s insurance requirements.

Where does Vigilant Private Guards offer security services?

Vigilant Private Guards will provide security services in all of Southern California.

What is Vigilant Private Guards’s Innovative Consultative approach?

Security consultants with decades of experience in the security field will devise a security plan catering to your property’s security needs within your budget. The consultation and personalized management of your security needs is included in the price of your services.

How fast can Vigilant Private Guards start service for my property?

While we prefer to look at a property first to provide a security plan according to the client’s needs, we understand that some clients might need security services immediately. We can start security services within an hour of call. We will still provide a free consultation and customized security plan within the commencement day of your security services.

How are Vigilant Private Guards security officers trained?

Vigilant Private Guards security officers are licensed by the State of California. Additionally, Vigilant Private Guards provides every security officer with skill and on the job training unmatched in the industry.

How are Vigilant Private Guards security officers screened?

Vigilant Private Guards security officers submit fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice for a criminal background check. Additionally, Vigilant Private Guards conducts frequent criminal record checks and random drug testing.

How does Vigilant Private Guards create accountability?

Vigilant Private Guards offers a free Guard Scan system and two free supervisory visits per eight hour shift at our sites. Our security officers are held accountable to frequently patrol sensitive spots of the property and to provide detailed activity reports for each shift. Security consultants will frequently seek client’s feedback on past performance and adjust the services accordingly.

How does Vigilant Private Guards communicate with their clients?

Vigilant Private Guards assigns a security consultant and a team of field supervisors to each client. The security consultant will be the point of contact in case our client’s needs change or they need to make changes to their service. Our field supervisors will be available 24 hours a day respond to requests and emergencies.

What makes Vigilant Private Guards different from other companies?

Vigilant Private Guards offers a comprehensive solution for our client’s security needs. Our security consultants will work with you to identify your security risks and address them with the variety of our services while keeping your budget constraints in mind. Vigilant Private Guards works with clients in a true partnership ensuring that they can focus on their primary business with peace of mind.