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Fullerton Security Company/ Security Guards Fullerton

Vigilant Private Guards provides security guards services to construction sites, manufacturing plants, warehouses, apartment buildings and shopping centers in the Fullerton area. We also provide specialized security guard services in Fullerton such as fire watch security guards and security guard patrol services. Vigilant Private Guards employs experienced, professional and well trained security guards. Our security guards in Fullerton are rigorously supervised and held accountable. Security Consultants with decades of experience in the security industry will consult on your security plan, post orders and safety plans and will be available to our client in case any changes to the security service in Fullerton are required.

Fullerton is located at 33°52′48″N 117°55′43″W (33.879914, -117.928749). It is approximately 25 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles, and approximately 11 miles (18 km) north-northwest of Santa Ana, the county. Fullerton is a city located in northern Orange County, California. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 135,161. Fullerton’s main employers are the California State University, Fullerton College, Kraft and Albertsons. Vigilant Private Guards focuses their security guards services on manufacturing plants, office buildings, shopping centers and construction sites. We also provide fire watch security guards and patrol services in Fullerton.

Construction Security Guards Fullerton

Vigilant Private Guards provides construction site security guards in Fullerton. Fullerton has undergone several stages of new construction and renovation. In the last years construction sites in Fullerton have been targeted by thieves and vandals. Vigilant Private Guards provides vigilant, active security guards to protect construction sites. Construction security guards will provide the peace of mind superintendents and construction workers require to focus on their main business.

Fire Watch Security Guards Fullerton
Vigilant Private Guards understands and specializes in providing fire watch security guards services in Fullerton. Fire marshals will require fire watch security guards services when the fire alarm, fire sprinklers, water or any other part of the fire safety system are either shut off or in need of repair. The security guards will frequently patrol the site and act as human fire detectors. They will contact the fire department in case of fire or smoke detection. Vigilant Private Guards will contact the fire marshal and set up fire watches in Fullerton according to the requirements set forth by the fire department.

Warehouse and Manufacturing Plants Fullerton
Vigilant Private guards’ security consultants have worked with many clients in the manufacturing plant and warehousing business. We understand the specific challenges of moving inventory safely, access control and protection from internal and external theft. Vigilant Private Guards provides security guards in Fullerton that have extensive experience in providing security services for warehouses and manufacturing plants. Our security consultants will observe the business operations and devise a security plan according to our clients’ expectations. Fullerton security guards will be trained according to customized post orders and the security plan. With Vigilant Private Guards your Fullerton security services will be in good hands.

Armed Security Guards Fullerton
Armed security guards in Fullerton are required by clients that need to protect high value merchandise, cash, have been threatened with force or have been robbed. Vigilant Private Guard provides armed security guards in Fullerton that have decades of experience as security guards, are ex-military or police officers. In many cases clients overreact by hiring armed security guards in Fullerton. Vigilant Private Guards’ security consultants will advise if armed or unarmed security guards are required in the specific situation.

Shopping Center Security Guards Fullerton
Many shopping centers in Fullerton require security guards services during certain hours, because the number of vagrants and homeless people has increased in Fullerton over the last few years. Consequently, loitering, solicitation for money and vandalism have plagued Fullerton shopping centers. Shopping Center security guards in Fullerton will ensure that vagrants and other people disturbing the shopping experience of customers will be immediately approached and removed from the property.

Marked Vehicle Patrol Fullerton
Vigilant Private Guards provides marked vehicle patrols in Fullerton, which means the assigned property will be patrolled in a marked vehicle a predetermined number of times in a certain timeframe. The marked vehicle security guard in Fullerton will patrol the property and create a detailed report for the property manager. In case of emergency or an incident the proper authorities will be notified and a detailed incident report will be delivered.
Vigilant Private Guards is the security company of choice in Fullerton. We provide well trained, professional Fullerton security guards that have been licensed by the State of California. Please call us at 1-800-520-9260 for a free consultation. Vigilant Private Guards proudly provides world class security services and world class trained Fullerton security guards.