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Vigilant Private Guards is a Simi Valley security company that specializes on providing security guards services to manufacturing plants, shopping centers, construction sites. Vigilant Private Guards’ services also include armed security guards, fire watch security guards, and marked vehicle patrols in Simi Valley. Vigilant Private Guards’ security guards have serviced the Simi Valley area for decades and are familiar with the specific challenges in Simi Valley. Vigilant Private Guards’ security guards in Simi Valley possess impeccable communication skills, decades of security experience and are licensed by the State of California. Our security consultants understand the necessity of security guards services in the Simi Valley area and will be delighted to consult and advise on creating a security plan and on procuring security services in Simi Valley.

Simi Valley is located at 34°16’16” North, 118°44’22” West (34.271078, −118.739428). According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 42.square miles. Simi Valley is located northwest of the Los Angeles neighborhood of Chatsworth and approximately 30 miles from Downtown Los Angeles. The 2010 United States Census reported that Simi Valley had a population of 124,237. The city operates its own police department, and contracts with the Ventura County Fire Department to provide fire protection services. In Simi Valley there are two main areas of industry — one in the eastern part of the city and the other one in the west. The primary industry is machinery and tools with 69 firms, and the secondary is the metal Industry with 51 firms, both situated in the eastern and western industrial areas. Other industries such as Lumber/Wood Products, Food, Plastic Products, Apparel/Textiles and Minerals, are also concentrated largely in these industrial areas.

Construction Security Guards Simi Valley
Simi Valley has been the site of rapid expansion and renovation in the past decade. Construction companies have been building new developments and infrastructure. Simi Valley construction sites have been largely targeted by material thieves, burglars and graffiti artists. The resulting vandalism and theft create large losses in time and property for construction companies. Vigilant Private Guards’ construction security guards in Simi Valley are trained to prevent theft and vandalism at construction sites. Simi Valley construction security guards that frequently and repeatedly patrol the construction site will assure that potential thieves and vandals will look for a different target. Vigilant Private Guards’ security consultants will create a security plan and post orders for our clients and ensure the safety of site, property and equipment.

Fire Watch Security Guards Simi Valley
Property owners and property managers are frequently confronted with requirements to repair or upgrade their fire safety equipment. In the interim the fire department might require a fire watch. Simi Valley is serviced by the Ventura County fire department and Vigilant Private Guards consultants have worked closely with the fire department in Simi Valley when providing Simi Valley fire watch security guards. Fire watch security guards in Simi Valley will prevent fires and damage to properties. Vigilant Private Guards’ security guards specialize in delivering world class fire watch security guards services in Simi Valley.

Armed Security Guards Simi Valley
The main responsibility of security guards is to observe and report. In California security guards are only allowed to use their weapon when confronted with deadly force. In many cases it is unnecessary or ill advised and costly to hire armed security guards in Simi Valley. Instances that require protection of high value property, cash will require the services or armed Simi Valley security guards. Vigilant Private Guards is a Simi Valley security company that employs highly experienced and qualified security consultants. Potential clients should explain their situation and will be advised if the services of unarmed or armed Simi Valley security guards are required.

Shopping Center Security Guards Simi Valley
Many Simi Valley shopping centers require the services of Simi Valley shopping center security guards, because loitering, panhandling have increased to high levels in Simi Valley. In most cases the police will take hours or not show up at all when called. The businesses confronted with vagrants that panhandle, loiter and sleep at the shopping center need the services of a professional Simi Valley security company. Vigilant Private Guards establishes a relationship with the police department and ensures that loiterers and panhandlers are immediately removed from the property. The services of Vigilant Private Guards’ shopping center security guards in Simi Valley will improve the shopping experience of clients and the overall safety of the property.

Marked Vehicle Patrol Simi Valley
Many apartment buildings or commercial properties need the services of an experienced Simi Valley security company to provide armed or unarmed marked vehicle patrol in Simi Valley. The Simi Valley marked vehicle security guards will frequently visit the site at random times and ensure safety and security for the property. Our security consultants will contact property managers or owners in case of emergency and incident and a patrol report will be provided for each visit.

Vigilant Private Guards is a world class security company in Simi Valley. We provide well licensed, professional Fullerton security guards that possess impeccable communication skills.. Please call us at 1-800-520-9260 for a free consultation. Vigilant Private Guards proudly provides world class security guards and exceptional Simi Valley security services.