Security Guards and Fire Safety at Construction Sites

Construction sites are inherently a fire risk and an easy target for vandalism and burglary. Security guards are normally hired to protect equipment, materials and tools. A good security officer that is visible and consistently and frequently patrols the site provides the added benefit of a fire watch. Normally, construction sites are extremely vulnerable to fire. There are many fire hazards present while the construction site is normally unsupervised at night.
A patrolling and alert security guard not only protects the construction site from vandals, thieves and people that might start a fire, but he also protects the site by his alert presence. The security guard will be able to call the police and fire department if he detects signs of fire or smoke, The construction site might be saved through the early detection of fire.
Many construction companies hire security companies without keeping in mind that security guards provide many different benefits. The better the security company is organized and the more professional and vigilant the security guards are the more benefits in safety and security the construction company will receive.

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