Construction Security Guards Los Angeles

Construction Site Security Guard Los Angeles

Vigilant Private Guards specializes in providing construction site security guards in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County and Riverside. We have provided construction site security guards to many satisfied construction companies throughout the Los Angeles metro area. Our entire team, including security consultants, armed construction site security guards and unarmed construction site security guards understand the many challenges that construction superintendents and project managers face on a daily basis. We consider it the responsibility of our construction guards to provide safety and security for people, equipment and materials while the construction company focuses on the project at hand.

As a Los Angeles and Orange County based construction site security company, we will provide a free security consultation at each of your construction sites. Our security consultants possess decades of experience and will customize a security plan, write custom post orders and develop custom training manuals for the construction site security guards we assign to your project. The security plan will include rigorous supervision designed to keep accountable each of the security guards assigned to your construction site.Construction Site Security Guard Orange County

Vigilant Private Guards Group reinforces the accountability of the security guards on your construction site guards by including two free supervisory visits per eight hour shift. During each visit, patrol supervisors will download data from the our Guard-Scan system. It will create a report that maintains a record of each guard’s location at all times. These reports, in addition to daily activity reports are available to our clients, provide peace of mind to project managers and safety managers that the construction security guards are responsible, accountable, and frequently patrolling the construction site.

Los Angeles construction security guards are often faced with incidents and situations that are out of the ordinary. Therefore, Vigilant Private Guards trains its Los Angeles and Orange County construction site security guards in writing meticulous, legible and concise incident reports. Our construction site incident policy instructs each of our security guards to respond and inform a supervisor immediately.

Vigilant Private Guards Group’s approach to construction site security has evolved over time and from years of experience. We utilize cutting edge electronic equipment and procedures to keep our construction site security guards accountable and our client’s construction sites safe. For all these reasons, Vigilant Private Guards is the premier choice for Construction Site security guards in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County and Riverside.