Fire Watch Security Guards Los Angeles

Fire Watches require specifically trained security officers. Fire marshals will require fire watch logs that are meticulous and timely. Vigilant Private Guards trains their fire watch officers to pay attention to detail. They are required to look for any signs of fire or smoke and to keep track of data meticulously. Supervisors will visit the site twice per eight hour shift in a marked patrol vehicle to ensure that the security officer is keeping the log and adhering to security and safety standards.
Vigilant Private Guards hires and trains their security officers by the highest industry standards. We provide continuous, rigorous training for our supervisory staff and our security officers ensuring that they possess all the relevant skills like impeccable written and verbal communication, professional attitude and appearance, fitness and additional more specific skills pertinent for the client they are assigned to. Vigilant Private Guards security consultants devise safety and security plans for our clients. They train supervisors and security officers to execute the security plan. They will create customized post orders for each client and serve as the direct contact in case our clients need changes made to their security services.

Vigilant Private Guards has provided security services to many sites requiring fire watches and the common feedback from our clients has been that our security officers are well trained and professional, our supervisors are attentive to detail and go beyond their scope of service to ensure excellent customer service is provided and that our security consultants are simply the best in the business.