Guard-Scan System

The Guard-Scan system also known as Detex-System is an indispensible tool in the security industry. It creates accountability for the security officer and peace of mind for the client. The Guard-Scan system consists of two parts, which are a scanner and dollar size magnetic strips.

guard_1A security consultant together with the client will identify sensitive and or strategic spots on the property. These spots will be marked by magnetic strips. As the security officer foot patrols the site,he will swipe the magnetic strips with the scanner. guard_2That creates a magnetic time print.

Vigilant Private Guards provides two supervisory visits by a field supervisor in a marked vehicle at no additional charge. The field supervisor will download the data from the scanner in an easy to read report form identifying where and when the security officer patrolled. That ensures that security officers patrol frequently and continuously and creates peace of mind for clients, because they know for a fact that their property is frequently being patrolled.