Marked Vehicle Patrols, Courtesy Patrols

A field supervisor will conduct courtesy patrols at random times. A patrol officer will foot patrol the site ensuring that there has been no act of theft or vandalism. He will also make sure that there are no signs of smoke or fire or forceful entry to the property. If the client has more specific expectations they will share that in their consultation and it will become part of the post orders for the patrol officer.

Courtesy Patrols in general can mean closing gates and laundry rooms, closing the pool area and rec room. Patrol officers will check sensitive spots of the property, enforce parking rules and other rules and regulations of the property.

The patrol officer will write a daily activity reports which will outline his activities at the site, the times he visited and his general observations. In case of an incident, the patrol officer will contact the authorities and or client as necessary. He will write a detailed incident report and obtain a police report. Patrol officers will not leave a site without addressing and resolving a problem that might have occurred. Please seek the consultation of our experienced and well trained security consultants to establish the number of visits your property requires and if your might be better off with an onsite security officer.